Outreach and charitable support

Outreach at Lion Walk Church is about raising awareness of human need and supporting community projects worldwide. We regularly support projects in our local community and across the world, with funds raised from our lunchtime concerts and from donations from members.

In 2023, we raised a total of £8,377 for Commitment for Life, for Christian Aid partners’ work in Bangladesh. A total of £469.69 was raised at our Christmas Services: this was donated to Colchester Emergency Night Shelter (CENS).

Every year, we support one or two  ‘focus charities’, we also donate smaller sums of money to local and smaller charities as well as the larger international charities and emergency appeals.   Our current focus charities are CARA (Centre for  Action on Rape and Abuse) and Next Chapter (local branch of Women’s Aid).

Focus Charities 2023/2024

Charities Supported in June 2024

  Charities Supported in February 2024

Charities supported in May 2023 (Total £1300)
Charities supported in February 2023 (total £3500)












Amnesty International – we have having regular presence at their conferences and support activities, such as card signing around Christmas-time.