Traders Fair

Traders Fair World Shop

Colchester’s Independent Fair Trade Shop
A not for profit company run entirely by volunteers

Open in the foyer at Lion Walk Church (through the main doors behind the tower) on Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm

Fair Trade is a partnership between producers, buyers, shopkeepers and customers. It works to remove the disadvantages suffered by producers, to increase producers’ access to markets and promote a sustainable and fair income for the producers. Its mission is to promote social equity, environmental protection and economic security through trade.

Trading since 1995 as an independent company, we at Traders Fair have been committed to these aims and objectives.

In October 2009 Traders Fair opened their shop in the foyer at Lion Walk Church.  Though opening times have changed over the years, the shop has remained in this location since 2009.  Opening is currently 10 am until 4 pm each Wednesday.  Please note that Traders Fair is closed throughout August (re-opening Wednesday September 19th) and generally from Christmas until mid-February.

Please click on the image below to find out more about the Traders Fair World Shop:

Traders Fair
Traders Fair, Colchester’s Independent Fair Trade Shop