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URC (the website of the United Reformed Church)

Eastern Synod

Westminster College

Local and international projects:

Christian Aid

Commitment for life supports four partners: Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Jamaica and Israel & the occupied Palestinian Territories – click on this link to find out more about these partners 

The Fairtrade Foundation

Stop the Traffik – people shouldn’t be bought and sold


Amnesty International – we have having regular presence at their conferences and support activities, such as card signing around Christmas-time.

Websites of open and progressive networks:

Free to Believe is the open and progressive network, rooted in the URC, but open to all: an informal network of liberally minded Christians striving for an open, inclusive and thinking church

Modern Church is an international society promoting liberal Christian theology: founded in 1898 to defend liberalism in the Church of England, Modern Church now work ecumenically to encourage open, enquiring, non-dogmatic approaches to Christianity

St Marks’ CRC is working to explore the meaning of the Christian faith in the 21st century and to offer a fresh vision of an inclusive and open Church. Based at St. Mark’s Church in Broomhill, Sheffield, the Centre for Radical Christianity aims to support and help individuals and groups who are working for prophetic, inclusive and open minded churches, committed to sharing in their communities, Jesus’ radical message of God’s love for all people

PCN Britain members of the Progressive Christianity Network seek a credible and inclusive way to follow Jesus. “We are unafraid to question traditional church teaching; we value contemporary thought and recent biblical understanding. We do not offer a set of answers but we invite you to join us in asking the questions.”