The Revd Kenneth M Forbes has been Minister at Lion Walk URC since November 2003. For some of that time the church has been recording its services with the express purpose of posting out to those who are housebound, or unable to attend for any reason, so that they can listen to our services when they are unable to be present. Initially that recording was to tape, but since November 2007 we have been recording to CD. That change makes it possible to prepare files for upload as sermon podcasts to this website.  It is our intention to continue to add to this bank of church sermon podcasts occasionally.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail your comments to our minister using the e-mail link on the Contact Us page.

We ask that you recognise the work that preparation of worship entails and respect that these files are the copyright of the Revd Ken Forbes and those who take part at Lion Walk URC. Please feel free to download any of these files to listen to yourself, but please do not forward them on . . . if you enjoy listening to them, please encourage others to visit this website to download them for themselves.

The sermons also include our readings, which are from the NRSV, the version used at Lion Walk Church, and read by members of the congregation.  

The Wisdom of the World – Micah 6: 1-8; I Corinthians 1: 18-31

Click below to listen – 6.4 Mb, listening time 22.5 minutes

Jesus death on the cross cannot be separated from the life he led – cannot be separated from the reasons he came to the cross in the first place . . . here’s what the Lord requires: to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God . . . the Wisdom of God can be found anywhere, right in the middle of the so-called secular world . . .

When does the Kingdom come? – Genesis 6: 1-8; Luke 17: 20-25

Click below to listen – 6.4 Mb, listening time 26.5 minutes

What have our understanding (or understanding at the time the gospels were written) of the Kingdom of God and thinking of yourself as a minor motor mechanic got in common? “The Kingdom of God is at hand”      Time to listen . . .     (this one is longer than normal because it includes the ‘introduction to the theme’)